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Hello Cabin Crew!

I am desperately searching for a single ticket for the Cabin Pressure Recording on the 6th January.

But what can I give you in return? Well, I can:

  1. offer you a bed (more likely a mattress) in the North of London
  2. start queueing at 6 o’clock in the morning
  3. give you all of these handmade Cabin Pressure stickers of my own design plus a Martin Crieff cup
  4. provide running commentary and hot tea during the long wait
  5. give you some money for the ticket if you want it
  6. show you around London

So please, PLEASE, I would be unbelivable happy if you were to help me or just to provide signal boost!

Just reblog or write me an ask, if you can help!

Thank you so much!

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